Monday, January 23, 2012

Menswear Tailoring Final: The Jacket

Size: 34 (mens)
Shell: Wool suiting from Metro Textiles
Lining: Crepe-backed satin from Chic Fabrics

Finished jacket, with basting stitches
As I mentioned in my only mid-semester post, our one and only assignment for this class was to finish a tailored men's jacket by the end of the semester. This was my least creative construction class, but certainly not the least labour intensive. 

Double-piped waist pocket

Overall I was pretty happy with my finished jacket. There are always things you feel you could do better, little tricks you mentally note for next time. I really struggled through the back vent construction, but after doing it so many times, I feel like I have a better understanding of vents in general. 

Breast pocket. The slight misalignment of the stripe is irksome.
I decided to construct the jacket with interior pockets on either side of the lapel, something we had the option of skipping. This meant sewing these crazy curved linings to the front facings, which was kind of challenging, but ultimately looks very cool. 

Front facing sewn to lining. You can see the basting at the top of one of the interior pockets.

If I had been a better blogger, I could have documented each step that went into creating this jacket, but I wasn't, and there are so many steps involved in a garment like this, it doesn't really bear listing here. Most of them are rather tedious; very necessary, but not terribly interesting. Instead, enjoy some pictures of me goofing around wearing the thing! It came out a little bit smaller than I expected, but it is a men's 34, so the pattern wasn't really designed to accommodate lady bosoms. Still, I think it looks good worn open, like so:

What time is it? Time to get my watch fixed!

Single button detail on the sleeve vents, and just a single button in front

Peep that vent. Also notice how nicely the stripes on the back and the collar line up.

Strange inside facings to accommodate the interior pockets.

Anything in this pocket? No.
In other news, I really need a camera that can handle low-light a little better. Still, you get the idea. Two down, one to go!


  1. ACK! You look so adorable in that jacket! Wear it every day.

  2. That jacket is hella awesome!! You are amazing, Sara!

  3. That jacket could cure cancer:) Keep up the good work.

  4. très chic! You need an office job so you can wear all these clothes out of the house, or run out on a date and be all, "oh, I'm coming straight from the office". Wear your running shoes with it, and carry a pair of really tall pumps in your bag to complete the look.

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