Thursday, March 1, 2012

Knits: Much Later

Ooookay, it's March. My bad. As per usual, the Spring semester started and I've since lost all sense of time. However, I do want to get these images up, because they were so much fun to take. You see, my friends E and O are photographers. Like, serious business photographers, and way back in January, they offered to shoot some of the garments I worked on last semester. Going to a studio that's full of weird lightbulbs and gigantic rolls of backdrop paper to have your picture taken is so much fun, like what I imagine it feels like to be a real fashion model, except with more doughnuts.

Serious business photography being what it is, E and O shoot on actual film and then develop it themselves. Check out E's amazing camera--it used to belong to her grandpa!

Most of the photos I have here were taken by my crappy little point 'n shoot. I asked E to take a few snaps just so I'd have some digital content to post, and you can really tell that it's time for me to upgrade. Even in these optimized studio conditions, they're still kinda grainy and out of focus. I do have a few scans that O sent me of some shots he's developed, and they are amazing. I trust you will easily pick them out. (All the garments here were things I made for my Knits class last semester.)

(C) Oren R. Cohen

For this project, we had to recycle at least two sweaters into a new garment. Did you know the Salvation Army always arranges things by color? It made it really easy to find two nice red sweaters to hack up. A lot of people just went to discount stores and bought new stuff, which seems sort of besides the point to me. Anyway, this was definitely one of the weirder garments represented, but I kind of love it. I actually bought a third sweater (red, of course!) and was planning on making a little pair of bloomers to complete the look, but I just didn't have the time. 

I'm wearing it over one of the first projects we had for this class, the princess line dress! It came out super cute and wearable--here it is with black belt:

I'm making an atrocious face in this photo--trust me, it's better this way.

Next up is my cut-and-sewn cardigan. Don't let the fabric fool you--I did not knit this!  It's actually a double-sided fabric, with the sweater knit on the outside and soft jersey facing inside. This was a really straightforward construction: pattern it, cut it out, sew it up, and serge all the edges on the inside. The zipper application was probably the most time consuming thing about this, but it really looks super. It's a rather fancy zipper with satin tape, and Prof. P. wouldn't hear of it going anywhere but large and in charge up front. "How much did that zipper cost? $11? Why would you hide it in a seam?" She was right. This may the be most wearable thing I've made since starting my fashion school career.

And for the grande finale, my final. This design appeared in my tech drawing final as well. (Last board). It's a wool ponte skirt with diamondback inserts in the front and back, and a novelty stretch top in this crazy, liquid latex snakeskin. It's kind of a bonkers outfit, and I'm kind of in love with it. The top is so shiny and black, and the skirt has a sort of fantastic plastic matteness to it--in my opinion it really works. 

The photos we took of this are absolutely mad.

(C)) Oren R. Cohen

(C) Oren R. Cohen

The snake was my idea--I wanted to look like some kind of mystery cult priestess. Esther and I collaborated on the make-up, and she just knocked it out of the park (she's not only a serious biz photog, she also does make-up!). The wig was all Esther--she actually had this in her possession.

So there you have it! I think I'm actually done with all of my garment construction classes, which is bittersweet. It means I'll be finishing up school soon, and by this time next year I'll have graduated. Maybe I'll even have a new job by then...let us all bow our heads and pray.


  1. If could plus one this a bazillion times I would. You are very photogenic my friend and the snake is CRAAAZZZY.

  2. Holy shit those are awesome!! Congratulations on being so talented and beautiful.

  3. I love the princess line dress you made! It's really adorable; I'd totally wear that! And it looks like you guys had a lot of fun with the photographs for your final. :)

  4. Yes. Let us pray to the high priestess. She'll kill a chicken and read it's innards and tell us the deal.

    Awesome photos- you look amazing!

  5. Z. O. M. G. those last pics are AMAZING!

  6. DUDE! The clothes look amazing and you look absolutely gorgeous! The reconstructed stuff all looks so cool, I would buy the sweater and dress in a heartbeat. And that skirt is to die. Can't believe you made it all!